Since 2001, Solher Iron, Inc. has been involved in the design, fabrication and installation of architectural and miscellaneous metal fabrications, structural steel, ornamental metal fabrications and fencing projects. Solher Iron, Inc. is licensed in three different classifications by the State of California (C-51, C-13, C-23)

During all this time, Solher Iron, Inc. has successfully participated in residential, commercial, industrial, private and public works projects.

From the initial concept, to the final installation of the metal elements, passing through all the design process, Solher Iron, Inc. works as a team in collaboration with our customers. We produce inspired, innovative and unique metal elements that truly add value to the place where they are finally installed.

Solher Iron, Inc. takes pride in our ability to satisfy your needs. Our collaborative state of mind helps improve the chances of detecting possible costly errors during the fabrication and installation process. This is what makes us different.